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Big Hole River

The Big Hole River is arguably one of the prettiest freestone streams in the state. The Big Hole flows through pine forests and open meadows on its upper reaches, through steep canyons and finally through arid cottonwood river bottoms before meeting the Beaverhead River. The Big Hole River allows an angler to catch a variety of trout including browns, rainbows, brook trout, and cutthroat. It fishes well with streamers and nymphs, but is known for great dry fly fishing with world famous hatches of stoneflies in the early summer. The Big Hole River can fish well all summer, depending on the amount of snow pack in the mountains.

Jefferson River

The Jefferson River is known for its large aggressive brown and rainbow trout that love to eat streamers. Although the number of fish per mile is low, the Jefferson River has always been known for producing large trout. The Jefferson River fishes well in the spring until mid-summer, the fish eat mainly streamers, but can be taken successfully on nymphs. If the conditions are right, there is also some great dry fly fishing.

Beaverhead River

The Beaverhead River is a tail water that is known for great nymph and dry fly fishing. It is a small river that is deep and fast and famous for big hard fighting rainbows and browns. There is a large number of fish per mile. The Beaverhead River fishes well all summer, due to the fact that it is dam controlled.

Missouri River

The Missouri River is a tail water that is known as one of the best dry fly fishing rivers in Montana. It has a large number of fish per mile and is productive all year long! The Missouri River is a great nymph fishing river and contains some of the largest hardest fighting rainbows anywhere!

Madison River

The Madison River is one of the best-known Blue Ribbon Trout Streams in the United States for great dry fly and nymph fishing. The Madison fishes well all summer long if water flow is sufficient, and this river has one of the largest salmon fly hatches in Montana. The Madison River offers some of the finest scenery in Montana.