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A Family


Since 1960, Blue Ribbon Guide Service has been guiding fly fishing trips on Montana's Big Hole River, Jefferson River, Beaverhead River, Missouri River and the Madison River.

Blue Ribbon Guide Service is a small, family run outfitting business that has been operating in Southwestern Montana since 1960. My dad, Tony Schoonen Sr., started the business in Whitehall under the name of Tony's Family Guide Service. He moved the family along with the business to Butte in 1969. Dad worked as an outfitter and guide until 2012, when he retired from guiding at the age of 81. I became the outfitter in 1992 and changed the name to Blue Ribbon Guide Service. My brother Jack and I now run the operation, which is based out of Butte, Montana. We have guided many satisfied customers over the years, and many have become close family friends. June of 2014 marked our 54th fishing anniversary with two of our best clients, who haven't missed a single year of fishing with us since 1960! We would love to have you join us for a memorable Montana fishing trip.



Guided Trips

We consider the Big Hole River and Jefferson River to be our “home” rivers, Blue Ribbon Guide Service runs float fishing trips on all of southwestern Montana’s famous blue ribbon trout streams, including the Beaverhead River, Missouri River, and Madison Rivers. We run fiberglass drift boats on most of our trips but switch to the use of rafts as the water level dictates.


Our location in Southwestern Montana allows us to set up trips where we can float several different rivers over the course of an extended booking, giving you a taste of all the great fishing our area has to offer.


Due to the fact that we run a small number of trips, and use a very limited amount of experienced guides, it is best to book trips early. Many of our dates are filled a year in advance. We fish from May through September with the peak season being June and July.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

The Rivers

Big Hole

Rates & Gear

Blue Ribbon Guide Service rates are $500 per boat per day for two fishermen. Non-fishing sightseers are more than welcome. Water, soda and lunch are provided. Our customers are welcome to bring their own fishing equipment, or if you’d prefer we can provide you with  quality rods and reels. We provide all terminal tackle and charge a nominal fee for flies.

In Memory of R.C. "Chuck" Syring

Chuck passed in October of 2014 at the age of 88. In 54 years Chuck never missed a single year fishing with the Schoonens in Montana. In the summer of 2014 Chuck fished nine days on the Big Hole and Beaverhead rivers. The Big Hole was always his favorite river by far. This photo is of Chuck with a 17-inch brown on the Big Hole in July 2014. This was the last trout Chuck landed. Jack was his guide. Wherever you are Chuck here is to tight lines, bent rods and screaming reels!